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About Us

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Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary
61 Spring Street, NW Concord, NC 28025 
Phone: 704-260-6150
PrincipalMrs. Megan Smith
Assistant PrincipalMrs. Beth White


About Us

Coltrane-Webb is a STEM Elementary school, located in the heard of Concord, North Carolina. CWES is the proud home of the Cougars and a NC STEM School of Distinction at the Model level!

Although the school site has a long history that dates back to 1887, Coltrane-Webb Elementary officially opened in 1957 when Coltrane Grammar School and Webb School joined.  Named after Daniel Branson Coltrane, who helped start Concord City Schools, and Albert Shipp Webb, a head of Concord City Schools, Coltrane-Webb has long been rooted in the community.  In 2011, Coltrane-Webb Elementary became a STEM school.  Since 2011, Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary received designation as a North Carolina STEM School of Distinction in 2015 at the Model Level, which was renewed in 2020. 

Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary continues to strive for excellence through fostering innate curiosity and joy of discovery in students.  Through student-centered, collaborative, problem-based learning and active engagement from the community, our students prepare to be successful citizens ready for their future.