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Positivity Project

positivity project


We are so pleased to partner with the Positivity Project (P2) to deliver character strength lessons this year!  This is a county-wide initiative, so all schools, K-12, will be using this curriculum every week!  Lessons at Coltrane-Webb will be delivered by classroom teachers weekly during morning meeting block. Parents are invited to participate as well with the curriculum to help students grasp the concepts.  Follow this link to sign up for P2 for Families Resources:



For more information about P2 reach out to your child's teacher or Mrs. Monto, School Counselor.


positivity project

2023-2024 Cabarrus County Schools P2 Schedule

Week of August 14 – Introduction to Other People Mindset – This means anything that builds relationships is going to make you happy :)

Week of August 21 – Love of Learning – enjoy learning new topics on your own or in school

Week of August 28 – Curiosity – Curiosity is in all of us. It opens up our minds to new ideas.

Week of Sept 4 – Teamwork – Teamwork means you work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal, reliable, and dedicated to helping your team achieve its goals.

Week of Sept 11 – Open-Mindedness – Open-mindedness means willing to try new things. 

Week of Sept 18 – Other People Mindset – Being Present and Giving Others Attention – 

Week of Sept 25 – Perspective – Appreciating that people see things in different ways and being able to imagine how someone else feels.

Week of Oct 2 – Forgiveness – Forgive those who have done wrong and accept that people make mistakes.

Week of Oct 9 -Integrity – Being honest and speaking the truth.

Week of Oct 16 – Creativity – Coming up with new and original ways to think about and do things.

Week of Oct 23 – REVIEW WEEK

Week of Oct 30 – Other People Mindset – Knowing Words and Actions Affect Others 

Week of Nov 6 – Bravery – You act with mental, moral, or physical strength even when you know things are difficult or scary.

Week of Nov 13/20 – Gratitude – You are aware of and thankful for the good thing that happen. 

Week of Nov 27 – Kindness – You are aware of and thankful for the good thing that happen. 

Week of Dec 4 – Other People Mindset – Supporting Others When They Struggle

Week of Dec 11 – Self-Control 

Week of Jan 1-5 – Optimism

Week of Jan 8-12 – Prudence

Week of Jan 15-19 – Perseverance

Week of Jan 22-26 – Social Intelligence

Week of Jan 29-3 – Review Week

Week of Feb 5-9 – OPM – Cheering Other’s Successes

Week of Feb 12-16 – Love

Week of Feb 19-23 – Humility

Week of Feb 26-1 – Spirit Week

Week of Mar 11-15 – OPM – Identifying & Appreciating Good in Others

Week of Mar 18-22 – Leadership

Week of Mar 25-29 – Fairness

Week of Apr 1- 5 – Humor

Week of Apr 8-12 – Review Week

Week of Apr 15-19 – Purpose

Week of Apr 22-26 – Appreciating Beauty and Excellence

Week of Apr 29-3 – Enthusiasm

Week of May 5-9 – OPM – Outro Week